New storage company

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I meant to cover this all week, but I kept not getting to it. Michael covered it at HPCwire, so you might want to read the whole thing there.

The new company is named Atrato, which is fine, but its URL is attrocious: Good Lord, a hyphen AND an “inc.”

$18M in initial funding, and former officials of STK, Seagate, IBM, EMC, and Maxtor are on board.

“While the storage industry has spent billions on R&D, creating highly dense and scalable systems, there has been little progress in the development of high-performance storage platforms to keep up with the increasing demands of digital content and data on-demand,” said Jesse Aweida, general partner of Aweida Venture Partners and founder of StorageTek. “The I/O bottleneck between storage and servers is the final remaining obstacle to unlocking a world of revenue, applications, and end user fulfillment. Atrato’s distinctive ability and technology know-how will change the traditional mindset of storage by providing the highest performance storage platform in a secure environment.”