Remembering the families of LNXI

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As relayed in comments on my speculative post yesterday, and in our coverage earlier this afternoon, LNXI has indeed ceased to be.

I hope you’ll join me in remembering the families that depended on LNXI as they go through this time of hardship and stress.


  1. It was fun while it lasted. But that last nail was hovering over the coffin for far too long. Many jumped ship long before and some were even thrown over board.

    There is even a facebook group for “Linux Networx – RIP”, some people have too much time on their hands!

    I can still hear the laughter coming from the HR area when Veronica, Conny and David used to sit and giggle their way through the first couples of hours in the morning. The strange Engineering meetings held at 7am, the way the Power would go out even though the whole building was supposed to be UPS’ed.

    We lost a few along the way too.. Val Park, Jay Jedlika and Tim Muniz, may you live on forever in our hearts and minds.

    What is Porter Rockwell’s Statue going to defend now??

  2. anonymousaswell says

    Dunno *shrug* maybe the real estate company can get a full lunch room to their selves now. .. .

  3. It is truly sad to see this company go. Poor management killed it. I wish I would have gotten out sooner, but then I wouldn’t have know what it would feel like to get canned.. 🙂

  4. So how many of us LNXI followers and fellow employees want to band together and form a better linux supercomputing company? I’m all for it.

  5. not a huge surprise says

    The demise of LinuxNetworx really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. When a high performance computing company pulls its booth from SC07, they’re not planning to be around for the long haul.

  6. I’m for starting a new company…

  7. anonymous_too says

    Wasn’t LNXI a “Starting a New Company’ project already?

    What should have happened was the DEBT they had in 2005 should have been written off and started a new company back then. That way, the 100 Million Dollars put in would have been used to grow the business rather than pay off BAD DEBT there at the time.

    Bo did a great job to raise money to keep the place floating which as wasted on paying off old debtors (and the silly old CEO who blew his own money on large systems).

    Maybe we could get Bo to start up a new HPC company and raise money for that.. hang on, isn’t that what he is doing with sgi anyway?

    If you want to work for a new company.. apply at sgi. At least they are out of bankruptcy.. or so I think?

  8. Birthing a company from the comments of a blog post definitely deserves some positive press. If you [former LNXI-ers] come up with a solid business plan, you could certainly make it a reality. If you do, in fact, decide to do so, shoot me an email as I would be interested to hear what you’re up to. johnleidelgmailcom

  9. beengoneawhile says

    LNXI had been circling the drain for quite a while. The last couple rounds of financing brought with it management changes that were almost universally thought of as big steps backwards for those who worked at LNXI. From a business standpoint, I am amazed that investors with deep pockets wish to change so much about a company that considerable sucess and showed so much promise. Instead of assisting the “old” management team through the next steps of growth, the investors replaced them with a team that had failure written all over their resumes, even if it was between the lines. Did they really think that was a good plan? Hey, it was their money, but I know a bunch of really good people that worked very hard to be successful. Those people had been sucessful in growing LNXI and were capable of more, with the right management. LNXI was a major force in HPC and that was due partly to technological smarts, and mostly good people that sold the company and their products with enthusiasm. To see that enthusiasm snuffed out by mis-management is very disappointing. RIP LNXI and good luck to all those that are on the outside looking in….

  10. Our company is looking to hire HPC linux/Intel experts in Denver. What’s the best way to reach LNXI developers recently out of a job?

  11. Where have all the LNXI-ers gone? It’s been just over a year now since the demise of Linux Networx. The familar Linux Networx sign still hangs outside the now vacant building, and many that once worked there have gone on to SGI, Cray, and various other small HPC and storage start-up companies.

  12. Christof/Mark – haven’t heard a peep. I knew some of them personally and I know where they’ve landed (various places), but other than that I’m not sure what’s going on with the group as a whole.