Sun reverses its 0 datacenter policy…kind of

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Ashlee Vance writes at The Register that Sun’s CEO has, er, clarified Brian Cinque’s earlier blog post. Before the clarification, let’s review what Brian actually wrote

Sun IT is driving towards a consolidated and unified data center approach by 2015, while reducing overall operating costs, overall energy consumptions, and to eliminate all SunIT data center’s. Did I just say 0 data centers? Yes! Our goal is to reduce our entire data center presence by 2015.

Fairly clear, though I did point out that I thought the qualifier “SunIT” was important. He didn’t say “no Sun datacenters” as was reported around the interwebs.

Anywho, the correction

The employee was simply “envisioning a world with no data centers”, according to Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz, speaking to reporters here at Sun’s Menlo Park headquarters.

…”We will have data centers at Sun for a long time into the future,” Schwartz said.

Weak. That clearly isn’t what he was doing. I’d rather he said “Brian smokes crack at work, and we’ve got him in rehab” than try to weasel out of it.

Anyway, if you take my read on it, both statements can be  correct at the same time (Schroedinger’s PR), and this actually makes sense from a business perspective for Sun. They eat their own dog food by moving internal data processing over to, so that SunIT has 0 datacenters, but as a company Sun continues to have massive datacenters.

Everybody’s happy. Except Cinque. I hear rehab can be rough.


  1. They’re also counseling him on the proper use of the apostrophe; it’s going to be a long week.