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In case you’re wondering, Tukwila is the name of a town in Washington. According to the Wikipedia

Intel logoTukwila was previously code-named Tanglewood the name coincides with the Tanglewood music festival, and Intel renamed the project in late 2003. [grammatical errors original to source]

I was wondering.

The Register has a quick peak at the Tukwila, the four core Itanium due out in the second half of 2008 that will replace Montvale. 2.05 billion transistors, and a 30MB cache that is currently the largest available on any commodity chip.

According to the ISSCC slides, Intel will ship Tukwila in four different flavors, ranging from 1.2GHz on up to 2.0GHz and 130 watts to 170 watts. Montvale clocks in at 1.66GHz.

And, of course, Tukwila will be the first Itanic to use Intel’s QuickPath interconnect – providing 19.2GB/s of peak bandwidth – and integrated memory controllers. As Intel tells it, QuickPath gives Tukwila 6x the peak memory bandwidth and 9x the compute bandwidth when compared to Montvale.