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Archives for March 2008

1,200,000 pages served

I just happened to be feeling nostalgic and took a look at our stats. Over the past 12 months we’ve served about 1.2M pages to nearly half a million visitors at a rate last month of right at 2,000 visitors per day. Those are big numbers! Thanks for stopping by so often. And if you […]

NASA's big screen

Joab Jackson writing in GCN reports on NASA’s new display, Hyperwall-II, a piece of gear that they assert will be the largest high resolution unclassified display in the world. The display should be operational within the month, [Rupak Biswas, chief of advanced supercomputing at the NASA Ames Research Center] said. …The Hyperwall-II will be made […] surveys recent developments in optics in computing

Short article at from last week that can bring you up to speed on three significant developments in the use of light for information transfer in next-generation computers. First, IBM Hot on the heels of its recent demonstration of an all-optical data bus, IBM revealed a silicon photonic switch based on cascaded microring resonators […]

New Indian supercomputer

After a quick Google I haven’t find many details on this yet (what machine, size, etc.) but I ran across this news piece I wanted to share. The Times of India reported late last week that a new supercomputer came on line last week in Hyderabad at the Centre for High Performance Computing and Research […]

Juniper's HPC push

I don’t usually cover hiring and firing, but this one is a little interesting. ChannelWeb reported last week that Sun Microelectronics group executive vice president David Yen has moved over to Juniper to help the networking company focus on the development of new hardware specifically for HPC. That team will draw on Yen’s high-performance computing […]

HPC in business 'pockets'

PC World Canada ran a short piece last week covering remarks made by a Sun executive to a group of business leaders about the relevance of HPC to mechanics of running a business The discussion, which centered on HPC’s shift to mainstream from its traditional research sphere, served to help CIOs identify current uses of […]

OpenSolaris and NUMA

When we as HPC technologists begin speaking about operating systems, most of us immediately assume Linux to be the center of conversation. There is always IRIX, UNICOS, AIX, Windows and Solaris lurking in the wings. Solaris is not traditionally thought of as an operating system of choice when constructing some sort of HPC system. However, […]

UT/ORNL Set to Celebrate Track2 Award

The University of Tennessee [the *other* UT… hook em’ horns!] and Oak Ridge National Laboratory are set to celebrate their National Science Foundation Track-2 supercomputing award on April 3 at ORNL.  The $65 million project will mark one of the largest research grants in UT history.  The event’s attendee list includes Gov. Phil Bredesen, Daniel […]

SGI Collaborates with NIMSAT

SGI has teamed up with the National Incident Management Systems and Advanced Technologies [NIMSAT] Institute at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. SGI’s goal is to develop and deliver technologies that will help prepare the nation for emergencies and facilitate response and recovery activities in the event of a disaster. The company will contribute expertise […]

PSC Takes Delivery of Two SGI's

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center [PSC] has announced that has successfully taken delivery of two new SGI Altix 4700 systems. The two shared memory systems have just entered the testing phase. The first, “Pople”, is named for Nobel-Prize-winning chemist John Pople. Pople will join BigBen at PSC in being assimilated [not by the Borg] into the Teragrid. […]