Additional Support Options for Your LNXI

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XS International of Atlanta, GA, today pledged to offer support contracts to those running Linux Networx clusters and visualization systems. According to XS, the will offer support contracts extending into the year 2012.

Linux Networx logoWhile the demise of Linux Networx is certainly bad news to LNXI customers, it also impacts the HPC community,” said Todd Bone, CEO of XS International. “We committed to support IRIX customers when SGI pulled the plug on those systems, and we now make the same commitment to support LNXI customers. We built a solid reputation on serving customers that SGI has left by the wayside, and will continue to do so for LNXI users.”

Zing! Sounds like Todd Bone has a bone to pick with SGI.

Read the full post here.


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  1. A few of us former engineers from LNXI have put together a mailing list where customers former LNXI customers can ask questions. If we can’t answer them we can probably find the person who can.

    Also, if someone wants to update the graphic/color scheme please let me know (make a post). I’m shooting for a theme based off of the old green logo.