Ars Technica on DARPA's contribution to the recent CS funding drop

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Ars Technica has an interesting article that gives an overview of the much-discussed DARPA CS funding drop and the state of science funding in general in this country:

From a computer science perspective, the timing of DARPA’s flight from university-led basic research to applied defense and classified research couldn’t have come at a worse time. Intel’s Pentium 4 passed the 2GHz mark in the summer of 2001, and an ongoing march of process-based performance increases continued to yield essentially “free” performance boosts until about 2004, by which point it was clear to everyone who was watching that the clockspeed party was over and that software was about to get a both more important and more complicated.

An interesting feature of the piece is the “further reading” section where author Jon Stokes points to several other articles and sources.


  1. I do indeed. My apologies for leaving off the link.