Cardiff University Saddles Bull

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Cardiff University has selected Bull to provide an HPC solution in support of a wide range of advanced research projects. The Advanced Research Computing division at Cardiff [ARCCA] will take ownership of the new machine in order to provide a wide breadth of support to users is different academic schools.

Bull logoThe University is delighted to be working in partnership with Bull on this project that will open up a range of new research frontiers. Research projects in the fields of astrophysics, fluid dynamics, geological simulation, materials science, and molecular simulation amongst many others will see major benefits”, said Professor Martyn Guest, Director of Advanced Research Computing. “The new supercomputer will enable us to compete on research terms with the best universities in the world, and provide a unique opportunity to deliver on ARCCA’s core mission of Research
Enablement – our goal is to establish Advanced Research Computing as an invaluable tool for research across all Schools”.

The machine is predicted to have a peak performance of just over 25 teraflops via 2,048 Intel quad-core Harpertown sockets strung together with a ConnectX Infiniband fabric.

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  1. And: “the system will have a 40 terabyte high performance Lustre(R) file system, and a 60 terabyte shared file

    So most probably, it will be a Sun cluster (at least the storage).

  2. Possibly… but Lustre does not directly indicate Sun branded storage. DDN probably sells more storage specifically for Lustre than Sun does.