ClearSpeed Releases Latest Version of Software

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cs_logo.gifClearspeed has announced the lastest release, Release 3.0, of their software stack. The latest release contains multiple feature and performance enhancements for the Clearspeed line of CSX600 hardware. Release 3.0 comes in two flavors: the base package [released as a download free of charge] and the developer package [which requires a license]. The base package includes the runtime libraries, drivers and an extended acceleration library that implements additional BLAS and LAPACK functions. The developer package contains a more robust optimizing compiler, improved use of on-chip memory and new functions within the Vector Math Library and Random Number Generator Library.

The level of maturity and robustness of our SDK is unmatched,” said Russell David, ClearSpeed vice president of Engineering. “With Release 3.0 there are endless possibilities for improving the time to solution for real-world problems.”

Release 3.0 supports RedHat Enterprise 5 64-bit, SLES 10 64-bit, Windows Server 2003 64-bit and Windows CCS 2003.

For more info, read the release here.