Cluster Resources Product Announcements at Novell's BrainShare

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cluster resourcesCluster Resources, Inc has made two product announcements at the Novell BrainShare conference in Salt Lake City, UT this week.  The first includes details and demos of the Moab Cluster Builder for SUSE Linux.  Cluster Builder is pegged as being a turn-key cluster deployment and management solution for customers running SUSE Linux.  Cluster Builder  also incorporates the Moab Cluster Suite.  This addition rounds out the overall feature set with a Web-based job submission portal, a graphical Windows-like administration interface and professional reporting capabilites.  For more details, read the post.

The second announcement gives way to the Moab Hybrid Cluster product.  Hybrid Cluster is an HPC solution that allows one to dynamically change cluster nodes between Windows CCS and SUSE Linux based on workload and application requirements.  The Hybrid Cluster product is the result of a joint effort between Novell and Microsoft to create a unified cluster environment across both companies’ operating systems.  Michael Jackson, president of Cluster Resources, will be on hand Tuesday and Friday of the event in order to co-present a talk entitled, “Adaptive High Performance Computing with SUSE Linux and Windows.”  For more info on this product, read the post.