HPTi Wins NOAA GFDL Contract

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GFDLHigh Performance Technologies has announced that they have won a contract to support NOAA’s Geophysical Fluid Dyanmics Laboratory in Princeton, NJ. The contract, worth an estimated $4 million, began on March 3. The team will consist of 21 computational scientists, software developers, systems support staff and senior consultants.

This is a very significant win and we appreciate the trust that NOAA has in our ability to assist its researchers in their important mission for our nation,” said HPTi President Timothy P. Kennan.

HPTi’s staff will be tasked with helping to improve GFDL’s models and products through a number of activites.  Many of the tasks will be centered around the development and improvement of the Flexible Modeling System [FMS], GFDL’s flagship software infrastructure for modeling coupled atmospheric, ocean and climate events.  HPTi will also assist in supporting the high performance computing systems, data portals and data visualization services resident at GFDL.

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