App helps with thermal modeling of datacenters

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Applied Math Modeling announced yesterday that they’re hooking up with ANSYS to provide CoolSim, a hosted product aimed at computational modeling of airflow and the thermal environment in datacenters.

According to Paul Bemis, CEO of Applied Math Modeling

“With CoolSim, data center facility managers and planners can easily optimize rack and computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit placement. They can also quickly identify potential thermal troublespots, which can lead to equipment failure and downtime. “

From the release

CoolSim uses an easy to use graphical interface enabling users to quickly create a model of their data center. The model is then automatically submitted to a hosted server for processing where results in the form of HTML output reports and 3D visual images are produced and sent to the user. This mechanism allows users to perform multiple “what-if” studies of their data centers to determine the optimal placement of equipment, or the effect of adding equipment to an existing data center.