New Indian supercomputer

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After a quick Google I haven’t find many details on this yet (what machine, size, etc.) but I ran across this news piece I wanted to share.

The Times of India reported late last week that a new supercomputer came on line last week in Hyderabad at the Centre for High Performance Computing and Research

Supercomputer Dhruva was on Wednesday logged-in in the city to help in defence research and perform functions faster than the existing computers in the country. The computer is 20 times faster than the Param series and will be able to perform the most complicated functions, including guiding aircraft.

During remarks at the dedication center director K D Nayak said that this kind of effort should spur many more supercomputing developments in India

“There will be more indigenous programmes. We will develop programmes useful for CFD design for aircraft and airborne systems, simulation complex systems and molecular modelling and bio-informatic applications,” the ANURAG director added.