OpenFabrics Alliance Announces OFED 1.3

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ofedThe OpenFabrics Alliance has announced the official release of the OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution [OFED] version 1.3.  The OpenFabrics Alliance is “an organization committed to the development and adoption of an open-source, transport-independent software stack for high-performance computing and enterprise data centers.”  We’re all probably most familiar with the OFED stack in association with Infiniband interconnects, but they also support other transport mediums.

The OpenFabrics Alliance was established to fill a need in the marketplace for a vendor-neutral software stack that could support high-performance technologies,” said Jim Ryan, chairman of the OpenFabrics Alliance. “With the release of OFED 1.3, we are realizing that goal. OFED 1.3 is enterprise-class software that offers superior performance, manageability and scalability. We are helping IT professionals eliminate obstacles to the adoption of InfiniBand and iWARP solutions that can take data center performance to new heights.”

OFED 1.3 contains quite a host of new features, including:

.: Tighter integration and ease of installation with Linux offerings from Oracle, RedHat and Novell

.: Quality of Service (QoS) management capabilities that enable unified LAN, IPC and SAN applications over the same wire

.: Enhancements that enable MPI and parallel-processing applications to scale efficiently to large numbers of nodes

Read the full release as well as a more complete list of feature enhancements here.