PSC Takes Delivery of Two SGI's

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Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center [PSC] has announced that has successfully taken delivery of two new SGI Altix 4700 systems. The two shared memory systems have just entered the testing phase. The first, “Pople”, is named for Nobel-Prize-winning chemist John Pople. Pople will join BigBen at PSC in being assimilated [not by the Borg] into the Teragrid. It features 768 Itanium2 processors and 1.5 terabytes of memory.

The second system, “Salk”, was named for Jonas Salk. Salk was acquired with support from the National Institute of Health’s National Center for Research Resources for PSC’s biomedical program: the National Resource for Biomedical Supercomputing [NRBSC]. It hods 144 processors of Itanium2 fun with 288 gigabytes of memory.

So far, PSC has 29 so-called “friendly” research groups that have stepped forward to test the new Pople machine. They will get early access to testing and debugging various codes on the new machine before it becomes a Teragrid production resource on July1.

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