Renault Formula1 Race Team Selects Appro Xtreme-X

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Appro announced today that it was awarded a contract from the ING Renault Formula1 Computation Fluid Dynamics Centre to provide an Xtreme-X supercomputer for CFD research. The 38 Teraflop machine scheduled to be installed at the Renault F1 CFD Centre in the UK, will provide a five-fold increase in CFD compute capability. The new machine will allow the Renault team to do simulations of entire F1 race cars as well as simulations on individual components, such as brakes, wings and fuel tanks.

Appro logoRenault is looking forward to the installation of the Appro Xtreme-X2 Supercomputer to enhance our CFD Centre computational resources”; said Bob Bell, Technical Director of ING Renault F1 Team. “Appro not only offered us a cost effective solution but they also improved our required technical specification through better reliability, greater fault tolerance and redundancy as well as more flexibility with regards to system scalability.

The new machine will include quad-core AMD silicon, 4.4TB of memory and a dual-rail Infiniband fabric. It will also include several large memory and visualization nodes equipped with dual graphics processors. The entire package is tied together with the Appro Cluster Engine [ACE] management stack.

We are extremely pleased to work with ING Renault F1 Team to provide improved computing capability, better reliability, superior system performance and an outstanding management system delivered by Appro Xtreme-X2 Supercomputers”; said Daniel Kim, CEO of Appro. “Appro is excited to partner with a technology innovator like Renault to achieve the competitive edge in Formula 1 and beyond.”

One piece of advice to Renault in taking delivery of their new machine. Do not allow Jim Ballew [CTO of Appro] inside one of your race cars. His wife made him get rid of the Corvette for a reason.

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