The 411: Terascala

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Terascala develops high throughput, high capacity storage solutions for performance-based computing. Its RTS 1000 Lustre-based storage appliance leverages the performance and robustness of the Lustre file system while masking some of Lustre’s complexity and associated costs. Here’s the 4-1-1.

Who: Terascala was founded in 2005, focused on applying the principals of commodity computing (leveraging existing solutions, commodity components, and open source software) to the storage challenges of high performance computing. The founders, and many on the team, worked together previously at Network Engines, where they developed the first 1U server, and at Ammasso, the first company to deliver a working RDMA Ethernet NIC.

What: The Terascala RTS 1000 Run Time Storage Appliance is a Lustre-based storage appliance offering high capacity and high throughput for performance-driven applications. It is a true appliance, with an optimized hardware and software environment that aims to be simple for customers to deploy and manage.

Why (you care): As the use of multi-core chips and high performance networks become standard in today’s high performance environments, the need to have a storage solution that can deliver I/O performance to “feed the beast” has become apparent. Alternative solutions typically are either custom, or customer built, and more expensive.

When: The RTS1000 is shipping now.

Where: Learn more at or contact them directly at or 508-588-1501.