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Archives for April 29, 2008

LNXI holds a fire sale

If you are in the Salt Lake City area and have a spare 36 hours, LNXI is holding a public auction. More details at the link, but here is the announcement Linux Networx, Inc. Online Auction Pursuant to the Assignment of the Benefit of Creditors of Linux Networx, Inc., Development Specialists, Inc., Assignee pending in […]

Lustre Over the WAN

HPCWire is running a story today featuring the announcement from the University Information Technology Services [UITS] at Indiana University that they will now support projects mounting Lustre over high speed wide area networks [such as the TeraGrid].   The group has dedicated 350 terabytes of new storage to the initiative.  Stephen Simms, IU’s Data Capacitor Project […]

Good news for Woven

Regular readers will no doubt remember Ethernet switch maker Woven Systems from previous coverage in this space. The company makes adaptively routed 10 Gbps Ethernet switches that can be ganged together to connect up to 4,000 servers while staying in layer 2 (and thus avoiding all that nasty overhead). They’ve got news this week; Woven… […]

More on Intel and Cray at HPCwire

Since HPCwire relaunched its web site over the weekend they’ve now got continuous feature stories. This one by Michael Feldman on the Intel/Cray relationship is a good one. Intel is not talking about any specific microprocessor product line for the Cray systems, since it’s not on the chipmaker’s public roadmap yet. But it’s likely to […]

It sucks to be AMD

Brooke Crothers over at c|net Blogs posted yesterday about another pearl in AMD’s bag of sorrow, this time caused by some bad communication with manufacturers using their new Phenom chip AMD confirmed Monday that some motherboard suppliers are mismatching high-end quad-core Phenom processors with a lower-end chipset. …”They’ve taken an enthusiast-class quad-core part and paired […]

Cray reports Q1 results; posts loss

HPC stalwart Cray, Inc. announced Q1 financial results today. Details at their site. Here’s the skinny …Cray today announced financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2008. Revenue for the quarter was $26.1 million compared to $47.1 million in the prior year period. The company reported a net loss for the quarter of […]

Windows webcasts in May

Volker Will posts over at his MS blog on a series of webcasts coming to a screen near you on Microsoft’s HPC tools. There are webcasts coming on HPC Server 2008 management and diagnostics, high availability, job scheduling, and “Future of Multi/Many-Core and the Convergence of Client and Cluster in Parallel Computing.” Click through to […]

Microsoft funds green computing research

c|net’s reported yesterday that the Microsoft has handed out $500,000 in grants to four universities for research in energy efficient computing as part of its Sustainable Computing Program. The University of Tennessee was awarded research money to develop frameworks to account for power and performance improvements in virtualized data centers. Stanford University will design […]

Ah, the self-referential post

Dan Reed points to my article on HPC procurements and non-recoverable engineering expenses at HPCwire last week, and amplifies some of what I attributed to him along with a pointer to a recent essay at SIAM News that you’ll want to read. By the way, HPCwire has a spiffy new web site that allows you […]

Schwartz on commercial adoption of HPC has an article on Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz’s comments last week at the Web 2.0 Expo. From the article The CEO, charged with driving Sun forward in an increasingly competitive market where systems vendors are turning their attention to Internet-based—or cloud—computing, cast aside the idea that companies just want several one-way “pizza box” servers. […]