50 TFLOPS for Polish researchers

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Oddly, I haven’t been able to corroborate this story. Not that I suspect it’s not true, but just that news, sometimes very very old “news”, often gets recycled on the Internet and it’s easy to publish something that’s not very new at all. So if you know something about this, leave a comment.

Anyway, blog4it.com is reporting today on a new quadcore Xeon-based super at the University of Gdansk in Poland.

Poland’s biggest supercomputer “The Galley”, delivers the computing power of 50 Trillion Operations Per Second (TFLOPS) – which is 4,400 times more powerful than IBM Deep Blue that won the chess match with Gary Kasparov in 1997. The supercomputer is based on 1,400 quad-core Intel Xeon processors and power of 5,600 computing cores. This is the most powerful machine in the Central and Eastern Europe Region and the ninth biggest in Europe.

…“I am proud to see Intel technology powering the region’s most powerful supercomputer …(in Central and Eastern Europe…),” said Otellini. “Since Intel and TASK installed the first cluster here 8 years ago, our collaboration has led advances in nanotechnology, astrophysics and other fields. The research that ‘The Galley’ will work on is a clear example that high performance computing makes a lasting difference in our lives.”

You can read more about the TASK Academic Computer Centre here.


  1. I can confirm that is a ‘new news’ 😉 The cluster called “Galera” (Galley) was ‘started’ 03/04/08 at 17:00 CET. There is some info and one picture of it here: http://wiki.task.gda.pl/wiki/Galera. (The info is in Polish).

    It is at least second Galley in TASK, previous consist of 128 PIII-Xeon processors.

    BTW TASK has some special relationship with Intel.

  2. Wawrzek – awesome! Thanks for the confirmation. If you are affiliated with TASK be sure to let me know when you guys are doing cool stuff; I don’t get much HPC news from eastern(ish) Europe.