Boeing to Certify Indian Supercomputer

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boeingBoeing Corporation has announced that it has partnered with the Computational Research Laboratory [India], a subsidiary of the Tata Group. The goal of the partnership is to test and validate the Indian-made Eka system, currently number four on the Top500 and the fastest in Asia.

The Eka system is the fourth fastest supercomputer in the world and the fastest in Asia as rated by the International Conference for High Performance Computing Networking Storage and Analysis and will be used by CRL to run a programme that will model high lift aerodynamic simulations in three dimensions for Boeing,” the company statement said.

Its interesting that Boeing is going to Tata for testing cycles. I’m not privy to whether or not they have development offices in India, but I do know that they have quite a contingency of HPC users in the US. Significant installations of Cray and LNXI machines have recently kept their models pumping. Of course, who I am to dictate how Boeing spends their money?

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