Call for Participation: OutsideHPC

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outsidehpcTo all of our readers out there, we’re still looking for submissions for next week’s issue of OutsideHPCLast week, we featured the work of undergraduate ACM students at Fordham University.

What is OutsideHPC? OutsideHPC is our attempt to feature users and organizations utilizing high performance/technical computing to solve problems outside the norm.  Using a beowulf cluster to brush your teeth?  Does your HAL9000 make julienned fries?  If so, we want to hear from you.

If you think your HPTC workloads are out of the ordinary, send me a message at john <dot> leidel <at> gmail <dot> com. We’ll get back to you with a series of questions related to what you’re doing and how you’re using HTPC. Please include “Outside HPC” in the subject line just so you don’t end up as spam.