Colfax to Offer Infiniband Bridging Technology

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netNetwork Equipment Technologies, Inc. today announced that Colfax International will offer its NX5000 series of Infiniband bridging solutions.  What is Infiniband bridging you say? Its essentially the idea of encapsulating the various Infiniband protocols and paradigms over long-haul transfer mediums.  In using this technology, one can create very high bandwidth [RDMA] virtual clusters and networks across wide area networks.

NET’s NX5000 solutions can extend InfiniBand fabrics over thousands of kilometers to provide multi-Gigabit connectivity between geographically dispersed servers and storage. These easy-to-manage, small-footprint systems significantly outperform TCP/IP-based alternatives in terms of bandwidth scalability and low latency — enabling the real-time data synchronization, backup, and disaster recovery required for building virtual clusters across large distances.

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