DOE Dedicates Leadership Computing Facility

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alcfThe Department of Energy’s [DOE] Argonne National Laboratory, yesterday, celebrated the dedication of their upcoming Argonne Leadership Computing Facility [ALCF]. The event was attended by several key federal, state and local officials. The ACLF is a facility dedicated to enabling the research and development community to make innovative and high-impact science and engineering breakthroughs.

I am delighted to see this realization of our vision to bring the power of the Department’s high performance computing to open scientific research,” said DOE Under Secretary for Science Dr. Raymond L. Orbach. “This facility will not only strengthen our scientific capability but also advance the competitiveness of the region and our nation. The early results span the gamut from astrophysics to Parkinson’s research, and are exciting examples of what’s to come.”

The DOE makes the ALCF available to a highly select group of scientists and researchers at publicly and privately held research organizations, universities and industrial groups.  Major project allocations are awarded through the DOE via a competitive peer review program known as the Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment [INCITE].

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