HPC Driving Data Center Architecture Change

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AdvancedTrading online mag has a quick blurb from TABB Group partner Bob Iati. Iati outlines how high performance computing has impacted server growth in relation to data center architecture. He outlines four main points:

.: Sell side institutions are striving to create a smaller footprint in their data centers

.: Nearly two thirds of all data centers are dedicated to HPC and that number is increasing rapidly

.: Forty five percent of institutions cite increased volumes or advanced trading as the main change agents for server infrastructure

.: Performance is the number one criterion for server replacement, as speed and complex routing strategies are growing even more critical.

I can certainly see where financial and investment institutions are becoming more dependent on HPC. However, as my daily focus is outside the scope of finance orgs, I cannot comment on the accuracy of Iati’s study. I would be interested to hear from the readers on this one. [hint hint, comments…]

Read the full article here.