ISC launches hosted HPC service

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Interactive Supercomputing announced today that they’ve launched a hosted HPC service to compete with cycle services from Sun’s, and others.

Star-P logoWhile on-demand HPC resources have been available for some time from the nation’s leading supercomputing research labs and HPC system vendors like IBM, Sun and HP, they have been primarily hardware resources and have required users to acquire and integrate software. Star-P On-Demand is one of the first services to combine high performance, multiprocessor hardware and a parallel computing software platform in a single, on-demand solution, allowing the user to easily connect to a high performance system from their desktop.

The service, called Star-P On-Demand offers users a hosted Star-P experience. Regarding pricing

Users can access Star-P On-Demand for a test or trial period using a 20 CPU-hour trial account. They can then access the service in a pay-as-you-go mode for less then $3.00 U.S. per CPU-hour for further development, or they can purchase monthly packages of core hours at discount pricing. For more information about the service, please visit:

The $2.77/core/hour al la carte pricing is three times more expensive than a CPU hour from, but with a big enough commitment you can get that down to $1.35/core/hour.