LLNL Completes 400-year Ocean-Atmosphere Simulation

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llnlLawrence Livermore National Laboratory climate scientists have completed a 400 year, high resolution global ocean-atmosphere simulation. The researchers, led by LLNL atmospheric scientist Govindasamy Bala, used the Community Climate System Model [CCSM] at a resolution of 100km. CCSM is a gloabl ocean-atmosphere modeling framework designed to simulate the climate of the Earth. It consists of complex submodels for the atmosphere, ocean, ice and land.

We found that this coupled model is a state-of-the-art climate model with simulation capabilities in the class of those used for assessments for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC),” Bala said.

The simulation also assessed the performance of a new dynamical method for atmospheric transport called finite volume transport. The new method was developed at NASA by Ricky Rood and Shian-Jiann Lin of NOAA.

The simulation was performed on roughly 500 processors of LLNL’s Thunder supercomputer. The simulation, performed over a period of three months, was a part of a LLNL Grand Challenge Computing project.

For more info on the simulation, read the full article here.