SiCortex Announces Collaboration with Jack Dongarra

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SiCortexSiCortex has announced a collaboration with Dr. Jack Dongarra of the University of Tennessee. Jack is most famous for being one of proprietors of the Top500 [as well as HPL] and Director of the Innovative Computing Laboratory [ICL] at UTK. Dongarra has acquired a SiCortex SC072 Catapult deskside supercomputer as a dedicated platform for this research.

I have followed the development of SiCortex’s architecture with a great deal of interest,” Dongarra said. “The combination of low power and high performance promises a solution to many of the challenges currently facing high performance computing. I always appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the development of fundamentally new solutions to these challenges.”

Dongarra is slated to work with SiCortex on several projects. So far they’re announcing that they will develop a new parallel processing communication performance benchmark, port and tune the OpenMPI communication library to the SiCortex platform as well as other efforts that capitalize on the skill-sets at ICL.

Jack Dongarra is one of the most influential thinkers in HPC, and we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with him,” said SiCortex CEO Dr. John Mucci. “In addition to his contributions to the advancement of HPC, he has played a leading role in the education of new generations of computer scientists. We find it particularly satisfying that he has recognized the advantages of utilizing SiCortex’s architecture in his work.”

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