Sun's Shared Visualization 1.1 release

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Linda Fellingham has posted on her (Sun) blog that Sun’s Shared Visualization 1.1 release is out; on offer is a smoother install and management experience

Sun logoSo, why am I so excited about Shared Visualization 1.1? We got a lot of feedback from our original release of Shared Viz that it was really cool that one could now run high performance 3D graphics applications from Sun Rays and laptops, BUT it was a pain to install and configure. The combination of trying to maintain security while achieving performance meant that a LOT of complex configuration had to be done on the server and using it from the client wasn’t completely straightforward. Our main goal for Shared Viz 1.1 was to make installation, configuration, and start-up simple and bullet-proof. I think we’ve got it! We’ve finally got it!

You can download it at