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Archives for May 2008

IBM Donates Supercomputer to Maui CC

Maui Community College will receive a new toy this summer.  IBM has committed to donate a P6 supercomputer for use in the Maui CC Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology [ECET] program.   The grant is attached to a Shared University Research [SUR] awards program created in order to demonstrate the partnership between academia and the technology […]

Going to ISC? We're not, so help us out!

Hey gang, your group of intrepid writers and internet trollers are not going to Germany for this year’s compute-a-palooza. If you are, I’d love to post your thoughts, experiences, and feedback on the cool and not-so-cool stuff you see, hear, learn, and do. Short or long, send your thoughts to me at

IBM, HP, and ultra-dense cheap computing [UPDATED]

Michael Feldman with some perspective on the recent HP and IBM dense computing solution announcements With HP’s rollout of the new ProLiant BL2x220c G5 today, the company has an answer for IBM’s recently announced iDataPlex server. Both are extra-dense server architectures designed for scaled out datacenters. That means these boxes are aimed at cloud computing, […]

Open MPI site offers free training vids [CORRECTED]

This is a cool idea…Jeff Squyres has posted at Cluster Monkey that he’s just made a bunch of MPI video training material available from the Open MPI site. Over the past year or two, I have been slowly creating a large set of Open MPI training material that I’ve used to present to my company’s […]

SiCortex Application Workshop at Argonne cont.

We just received word from the organizers of the SiCortex application workshop at Argonne that there are still a few seats open.  If you’re still interested in attending the June 17th and 18th event at Argonne, you can browse registration and travel details here. What is it you say? The Mathematics and Computer Science Division […]

Allinea's DDT on NEC's SX

Allinea has announced that its flagship Distributed Debugging Tool (DDT) is now available on NEC’s SX Series vector supers. For several years, NEC had been using DDT on Linux and other systems with much success, but the debugging tool was not available for the powerful SX vector supercomputers. Allinea worked closely with NEC and the […]

HP's new scale out focus

Today HP announced new products and a new organization focused on the needs of scale out compute customers — those customers whose real requirements are dominated by the need for lots and lots of FLOPs working on loosely coupled (or uncoupled) workloads. Think Web 2.0, rapid processing of independent data streams, and specific traditional HPC […]

CSIR and Meraka CHPC to Develop CFD Code

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research [CSIR] has partnered with the Meraka Institute’s Centre for High Performance Computing [CHPC] in order to develop their own computational fluid dynamics code. According to Dr. Arnaud Malan, CSIR’s principle researcher and leader for aeronautics research, South African research groups are currently paying enormous amounts to companies abroad […]

Angstrom Micro Announces First Deployment of xFFT

Angstrom Microsystems has announced the first deployment of its xFFT library.  The accelerated Fast Fourier Transform library was purchased by LumArray Inc, an MIT-based technology company.  LumArray is a spin-off from the MIT NanoStructures Lab that develops state-of-the-art maskless nanolithography technology. Maskless lithography is notorious for being computationally intensive, and using conventional CPUs we would […]

IBM to open source major pieces of HPC software infrastructure

Last week I wrote a story at HPCwire about the recent changes and upgrades across IBM’s entire HPC portfolio. One of the interesting aspects of this story for me was the degree to which IBM is maintaining a very vibrant and yet diverse product line of HPC products across all segments of the market. The […]