Allinea's DDT on NEC's SX

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Allinea has announced that its flagship Distributed Debugging Tool (DDT) is now available on NEC’s SX Series vector supers.

Allinea logoFor several years, NEC had been using DDT on Linux and other systems with much success, but the debugging tool was not available for the powerful SX vector supercomputers. Allinea worked closely with NEC and the High Performance Computing Centre (HLRS) in Stuttgart, a leading research facility that uses the SX-8 for complex engineering simulations, to port DDT for the SX series, enabling access to this state-of-the-art parallel debugger for every NEC platform.

“Vector supercomputers such as the SX series require a powerful and scalable debugging tool like DDT to ensure that developers can fix problems with their complex large-scale calculations rapidly,” said David Lecomber, CTO of Allinea Software. “By porting DDT to the SX Series, now NEC’s current and new customers can use the same parallel debugger on every platform from high end to low end.”