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Angstrom Micro Announces First Deployment of xFFT

angmicroAngstrom Microsystems has announced the first deployment of its xFFT library.  The accelerated Fast Fourier Transform library was purchased by LumArray Inc, an MIT-based technology company.  LumArray is a spin-off from the MIT NanoStructures Lab that develops state-of-the-art maskless nanolithography technology.

Maskless lithography is notorious for being computationally intensive, and using conventional CPUs we would require tens or hundreds of machines to meet our goals for data-processing,” said Michael Walsh, Vice President of Engineering. “LumArray is excited to work with Angstrom to reduce the number of machines down to a handful, therefore saving costs and eliminating the need for our customers to also purchase and maintain a large computing cluster.”

xFFT provides an interface compatible to that of the standard FFTW library, so applications engineers can sit easy.

For more info, read the full release here.

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