Angstrom Micro Announces First Deployment of xFFT

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angmicroAngstrom Microsystems has announced the first deployment of its xFFT library.  The accelerated Fast Fourier Transform library was purchased by LumArray Inc, an MIT-based technology company.  LumArray is a spin-off from the MIT NanoStructures Lab that develops state-of-the-art maskless nanolithography technology.

Maskless lithography is notorious for being computationally intensive, and using conventional CPUs we would require tens or hundreds of machines to meet our goals for data-processing,” said Michael Walsh, Vice President of Engineering. “LumArray is excited to work with Angstrom to reduce the number of machines down to a handful, therefore saving costs and eliminating the need for our customers to also purchase and maintain a large computing cluster.”

xFFT provides an interface compatible to that of the standard FFTW library, so applications engineers can sit easy.

For more info, read the full release here.