CSIR and Meraka CHPC to Develop CFD Code

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chpcThe Council for Scientific and Industrial Research [CSIR] has partnered with the Meraka Institute’s Centre for High Performance Computing [CHPC] in order to develop their own computational fluid dynamics code. According to Dr. Arnaud Malan, CSIR’s principle researcher and leader for aeronautics research, South African research groups are currently paying enormous amounts to companies abroad for CFD software.

We have to have the conviction that we can compete and become international players in various exciting fields and that we don’t have to follow others who simply buy what is needed from abroad.” He adds that by doing that “we are enriching other economies and impoverishing ourselves economically and intellectually”.

Malan adds that CSIR is already a national leader in CFD and computational mechanics, but…

This will allow SA to become an international player in a fast-growing engineering field and a trendsetter with our own locally-developed expertise..”

For more info, read the full article here. For more info on supercomputing in South Africa, browse through the CHPC website.