IBM buys into the HPC interface

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Some of you may have been forced to sit through one of the religious sermons I’ve delivered over the past several years proselytizing the idea that HPC has a really big problem: our interface sucks. I mean, a command line. Really?

The problem is not that the command line is inherently hard. The problem is that it is in the way for generations of new researchers who are going to replace all you crusty bastards who are saying to yourselves “anyone who wants to do HPC and doesn’t want to deal with shell scripts and command lines can’t handle an account.” Anything in the way of 1,000,000 more people using HPC has to go.

Anywho, for the two of you still reading, here’s the story

IBM logoIBM said on Wednesday it has started selling software that lets customers access its Cognos business intelligence software via BlackBerry mobile devices.

The Cognos program, which sells at a list price of $300 per user, allows customers to view real-time analytics on the state of their business on their BlackBerrys.

There you go. Big enterprise iron tied to ubiquitous mobile platforms.


  1. LOL> You’ve made Alhpa Dog with this post. Tip of the hat.