Intel EVP confesses dreams of an HPC future

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In an interview with El Reg, Intel EVP Sean Maloney — a man many think is the alpha dog in line for the CEO slot once Otellini hits the bricks — comes clean about his vision for an HPC future

Intel logo“So, I thought about where processing power will go. If we can deliver 10,000 times the processing power we have today, you would be able to predict weather patterns. What if I knew what the wind speed will be when I go rowing? What if you knew in Bombay when it will rain? Can you imagine what you could do with water savings? It would be so cool.”

…”We are planning and investing for that type of future,” Maloney said. “When we talk about things like predicting when it rains, we want that to run on Intel machines.”

For the top-end server stuff, Intel has no fears around how customers will use the multi-core chips, er, flooding the market.

“In the high-end segment, there is an infinite requirement for more compute power,” Maloney said. “The high order bit on that conversation is can you do it without using a nuclear power station.”

Sometimes I dream about food, just in case Ashlee wants to do a story on me.