LS-DYNA teams with Evergrid for transparent checkpointing

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Evergrid and Livermore Software Technology (makers of LS-DYNA) announced this week they’ve team up to integrate Evergrid’s Availability Services into LS-DYNA

With the combination of Evergrid AvS and LS-DYNA, customers can checkpoint a running job at any time during execution without stopping or pausing the job. The job can also be preempted for a higher priority project, freeing up system resources, such as CPU, memory and the LS-DYNA license. After a system failure or completion of the higher priority project, the job can be restarted seamlessly from the last checkpoint without wasting valuable compute cycles. “With Evergrid AvS, LS-DYNA customers can ensure that they can meet their projects’ deadlines even with unexpected system failures or other interruptions,” said Dr. Wayne Mindle of LSTC.

I’ve been watching Evergrid for several years now, and waiting for their technology to come out of development. It looks like it may be on its way out, which is a good thing. They have much bigger plans for their software than simply restoring a single custom outfitted-app — if they get it all developed according to their original plans, users won’t  have to worry about modifying their codes for this kind of support, and center administrators will be able to stop, preempt, and move apps around in real time without losing state.