Mercury puts 100 GFLOPS in your hand

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Mercury Computer Systems announced this week that they’ve released a new compute platform that puts 100 GFLOPS in a package you can hold in your hand weighing “less than 10 pounds.”

The PowerBlock(TM) 50 system from Mercury Computer Systems is a high-performance, ultra-compact embedded computer designed for maximum performance in a minimal footprint, for small platforms in the 6- to 10-pound range. Optimized for real-time image, sensor, and signal processing and ruggedized for harsh environments, it is fully integrated and programmable, with state-of-the-art liquid cooling. The PowerBlock 50 extends Mercury’s robust offering of computing solutions available in very small to large form factors to suit a broad range of customer applications.

Now, let’s link a bunch of these together and run a Top 10 system in an abandoned hangar in the desert for the ultimate in green HPC.