ORNL Jaguar Completes Upgrade

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Oak Ridge National Lab’s Jaguar supercomputer just completed its latest upgrade.  The Cray XT3/XT4 system was previously chewing through 119 Tflops.  With this upgrade, the new peak performance rate has jumped to 263 Tflops.  If you’ve been following our coverage on the Top500 rumor mill, we failed to quote this system for the list of newly procured/upgraded systems.

Where does this new upgrade put Jaguar on the list?  Well, currently the system runs at 119 Tflops peak and roughly 101 Tflops max [as quoted by the Nov07 Top500 list].  If one does the math, you’re looking at a system with ~85% efficiency on linpack.  Now, at 263 Tflops peak, the max should come in right around 223.55 if they maintain the same efficiency [which is often very difficult].  If the Top500 list were not to change at all this June, this would place Jaguar in the number two slot.

Regardless of how the list will change this summer, Jaguar will most certainly be competitive within the Top10.