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Platform Computing Announces Latest Release of LSF Scheduler

platformPlatform Computing has announced the latest release of its flagship batch scheduler product, LSF [Load Sharing Facility]. As many of us in HPC routinely deal with the perils of batch scheduling policy and configuration, it becomes especially interesting when one can squeeze out a few additional cycles of utilization. LSF version 7 update 3 adds a new feature, called Session Scheduler.

Platform LSF 7 Update 3 delivers a breakthrough innovation called Session Scheduler, which enhances cluster utilization and application performance. This innovative technology will be available as an add-on to Platform LSF and brings low-latency and high-throughput scheduling to environments running large volumes of short duration jobs, delivering much faster time-to-business results and better utilization of compute resources. In addition, LSF 7 Update 3 includes improved scheduling policies, which give customers finer control over job parameters, resulting in increased productivity.

For more info on Session Scheduler, read the full post here.

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