Shifts observed in HPC market: Edge HPC

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Tabor Research has published an essay over at HPCwire on what they’ve observed as a new market in HPC

Tabor Research believes that new technologies, methodologies and applications are emerging outside of the traditional HPC market that have the essential characteristics of high productivity computing (requirements for leading edge capabilities, incorporating, testing, and perfecting of new technologies and methodologies, and market creation and expansion.) This new area, which we cleverly call Edge HPC (or eHPC), leverages the experience and technology of the Traditional HPC market, while introducing new areas for innovation. Most importantly we believe that eHPC is at the cusp of significant market generation and growth.

The piece is long, but its worth a read. And you can take advantage of the  “leave a comment” feature of HPCwire’s new web site to rail at, or agree with, them. Of course, railing is more fun. 🙂