Spelling out the benefits of cloud computing for organizations

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This is a handy quick reference on some of the reasons that cloud computing will be important for business intelligence (and other data processed applications) as well as in my opinion other kinds of enterprise and scientific computing.

Here are the major points (I’ve combined some of them from the original article). Many of them relate to innovations driven by lowered costs and elimination of other barriers to entry for large scale processing and data analysis.

  • Software evaluation with no install and no hassle (a weak driver in my opinion, but there nonetheless)
  • Quick turn around on surge, variable, or unanticipated requirements
  • The cost of entry for new business opportunities will be lowered, driving innovation and use
  • Businesses will do more analysis of the data they already have, because it’s affordable for them now

These aren’t new, but they are all in one place here. Thanks to Bill McColl for the pointer.