The 411: HPC Platform

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HPC Platform, headquartered in Paris (France), develops HPC and low-latency solutions for Market data processing and complex financial products valuations. Its HPCP appliances leverage the performance of FPGA-based hardware systems with the use of Domain Specific Language (DSL) compilers and optimized core libraries. The HPCP appliances have a very modular and scalable technical architecture that enables them to fit well the targeted applications (for instance market data processing + monitoring + valuation/CEP functionalities + risk analysis).

Who: HPC Platform was founded in 2007 and resulted from research and projects beginning in 2005. For its solutions, HPCP focused on a dedicated and global “Platform environment” comprising a modular hardware appliance, DSL compilers, optimized hardware cores and standard connectivity (Gigabit Ethernet, PCI-Express, etc.) The co-founders have combined experiences in Finance, IT, electronics, and software and some of them have worked on HPC solutions for the medical and industrial market since 1995. For the last 3 years, most of the work has been done with leading investment banks.

What: The HPC Platform solution, for ultra low-latency market data processing and complex financial products valuations, are true appliances with an optimized modular architecture, DSL compilers and software environments that aims to enable customers to effectively use the reconfigurable hardware technologies (FPGA).

Why (you care): HPCP delivers an outstanding performance over market data processing with a latency of 1.1 to 2.0 microseconds for fast encoded Feed-Handling/Filtering and order book processing. For complex financial products valuation acceleration (from simple Monte Carlo European options pricing to complex products like Altiplano), HPCP delivers an acceleration of several orders of magnitude compared to multi-core servers: for example the price of a basket option composed of 3 underlyings is computed in double precision within 715 microseconds for 1M simulation paths.

When: The HPC Platform solutions are already being evaluated in production environments in partnership with a few selected clients. Some results have already been published on

Where: Learn more at or contact them directly at