University of Arizona Buys SGI Altix ICE

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The University Information Technology Services [UITS] at the University of Arizona has announced they have purchased an SGI Altix ICE compute platform to augment their existing Altix 4700. The new 1392 core ICE 8200 system will feature water-cooled doors keeping the total air conditioning requirements down to 1.7 tons.

SGI logoWe made a decision two years ago to replace our old shared memory computer with a larger shared memory computer and a cluster computing system,” said Dr.
Michael Bruck, Assistant Director of Research Computing at the University Information Technology Services. “We have some research applications being used on campus that require a shared memory system and we have other research applications that used shared memory because that was the only computing environment available to them. Now researchers using applications that don’t require shared memory can leverage the high throughput computing of the SGI Altix ICE for their projects.”

The system already has planned workloads in the form of astronomy, weather and global climate, life sciences, engineering, business, social sciences and psychology.

For more info, read the full release here.