Appro Set to Demonstrate XtremeData Integrated FPGAs

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ApproAppro and XtremeData have announced a demo featuring in-socket FPGA-accelerators executing full double-precision floating point simulation analysis at the SIFMA Technology Management Conference in the big apple. The demo consists of Appro’s HyperServer, Intel QuickAssist Technology and XtremeData’s XD2000 family of in-socket accelerators. The demo will also feature XtremeData’s XtremeRNG library of building blocks for random number generation. The combination of XtremeData hardware and software reportedly will provide acceleration of over 10X versus that of a single-precision GPU.

Appro is working closely with XtremeData to jointly reach the double-precision floating point capabilities of high performance FPGAs,” said John
Lee, VP of Advanced Technology Solutions of Appro. “This technology addresses many financial customers’ requests for a cost-effective solution that offersconfiguration flexibility and performance gains using FPGA-based systems.

For more info on the test, read the full release here.