CINES Lands a 147Tflop SGI

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SGIHPCWire: The Grand Equipement National de Calcul Intensif [GENCI], the French national HPC organization, has announced that it has recently procured a new SGI ICE system.  The new system is scheduled to be installed this July at CINES, France’s National Computer Center for Higher Education in Montpelier.  The new machine is said to peak at 147 Tflops with 12,288 Intel Xeon cores.  Alongside the compute, CINES will also receive over 500TB of SGI’s InfiniteStorage.

This acquisition is completely in line with our strategy to finance and implement the computing infrastructures needed to assist the development of scientific research throughout Europe,” said Catherine Rivière, President of GENCI. “It is a testament to the importance that the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research places on high-performance computing as an essential technology for accelerating innovation and strengthening competitiveness on a national and even international scale.”

The initial workloads for the machine will focus on climatology, space/aeronautical research, energy and materials science.  For more info on the new machine, read the full article at HPCWire.