Clemson Selects Dell for Next Machine

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dellClemson University has announced that it has selected Dell to provide its next supercomputing platform.  The new machine, named Palmetto, will be housed at Clemson’s Information Technology Center and is made up of 512 Dell 1950 nodes.  The nodes are packed with quad-core Intel silicon [presumably populating both sockets on the board] for a grand total of 4096 cores.  According to Dell, the current benchmarks sit right around 31 Tflops with the option to grow the cluster above 100 Tflops.

The Palmetto Cluster is a shared computing infrastructure offering enhanced computational research capabilities that will benefit our entire research community,” said Jim Bottum, Clemson’s vice provost and chief information officer. “A system of this class from Dell, combined with quality research faculty, highly-trained support staff and world-class operations, is providing Clemson with a cyberinfrastructure for the future.”

The initial compute workloads on Palmetto will range from cross-layer protocol design of wireless communication networks to simulation of molecular dynamics and developmental studies in children.  Not exactly your average compute workload.

For more info, read the full release here.