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sunThe High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory [HPCVL] of Canada has announced that it has selected Sun to provide its latest computing platform. The new system, called Victoria Falls, will be a cluster based on a Sun SPARC T5140 server running Solaris 10. At full tilt, the system with theoretically be capable of nearly 10,000 concurrent threads.

As a long time customer of Sun for HPC expertise and solutions, it was natural for us to look to Sun’s latest technology to keep up with the growing demands from our increasing user and application base,” said Dr. Ken Edgecombe, Executive Director, HPCVL. “With the type of growth we are seeing we needed to look at the best HPC platform out there and be able to introduce new technologies. The CMT technology built into the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5140 server has enabled us to help some of our 600+ researchers begin to use the new multi-threaded, multi-core technologies and prepare to scale rapidly to support the massive workload on the servers. We are seeing scaling even better than expected as we continue to see application demand increase.”

For more info on the new system, read the full release here.