Initiative for open standards for programming compute accelerators

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The Khronos(tm) Group has announced the formation of a new Compute Working Group to create royalty-free, open standards for programming heterogeneous data and task parallel computing across GPUs and CPUs. The creation of this open standard is intended to enable and encourage diverse applications to leverage all available platform compute resources on a wide range of platforms. Initial participants in the working group include 3Dlabs, AMD, Apple, ARM, Codeplay, Ericsson, Freescale, Graphic Remedy, IBM, Imagination Technologies, Intel, Nokia, NVIDIA, Motorola, QNX, Qualcomm, Samsung, Seaweed, TI, and Umeå University. Any company is welcome to join the Khronos Group to participate in this and the other Khronos working groups that are creating an ecosystem of open standards for graphics and media authoring and acceleration.

For more details visit, or the quick off the mark wikipedia topic .