LSI announces "bullet proof" HPC storage

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Yesterday storage vendor LSI announced the latest in their line of storage products, the Engenio 7900, designed specifically for what the company calls HPC workloads.

LSI Corporation …introduced the Engenio 7900 HPC storage system which combines leading-edge performance and high levels of system availability for applications requiring uninterrupted data access. Designed for compute-intensive applications and high bandwidth workloads, the 7900 HPC storage system is ideally suited for environments with high volumes of data processing and computing demands such as government labs, defense, media and entertainment, energy, oil and gas, biosciences and geospatial companies

I spoke with LSI’s Steve Hochberg and Dave Ellis for an extended piece that will run in HPCwire in the next couple days. During that discussion the guys emphasized that the Big Deal with this array is that it combines the size and speed of scale out storage with the robust “bullet proof” features one typically only finds in “always up” enterprise storage solutions.

Why the shift? LSI says that as their customers have bought larger and larger machines, a total system down caused by a filesystem issue has become lost productivity that they simply aren’t willing to tolerate.