Materials Scientists at Donostia Purchase More Purple

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SGIThe Donostia International Physics Center [DIPC] of Sebastian, Spain has announced that it will continue its history of procuring hpc and storage equipment from SGI. The applied physics researchers there have been SGI customers since 2001. Their latest purchase includes four new SGI Altix 4700’s as well as included InfiniteStorage disk capacity. This adds to the 4700 DIPC purchased last year.

The Altix systems are used to study the prediction and representation of materials structure, properties, inter-relationships, and the structural, electronic and optical properties of solids, surfaces and low-dimensional systems,” said Dr. Txomin Romero Asturiano, Director of the Computational Center at DIPC. “Particular attention is paid to systems of nanometer size. We need lots of processors, big amounts of memory and a very fast connection between processors. SGI’s shared memory computing is important for our work in materials science because some of our programs need to share a lot of information between processors. We are very happy with the performance of SGI and even happier with the ease of managing the systems.”

Each of the four new 4700’s are populated with 64 dual-core Itanium2 processors [128 cores each].

For more info on the latest systems at DIPC, read the full release here.