Microsoft HPC Server 2008 RC-1

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msoftMicrosoft has announced that it plans to release the last beta [which is also the first release candidate] of its HPC Server 2008 product by the end of the month.  This follows our coverage back in May of the Beta2 release.

HPC Server 2008, which is based on Windows Server 2008, features high-speed networking, cluster management tools, advanced failover capabilities, a service-oriented architecture (SOA) job scheduler, and support for third-party clustered file systems.

Microsoft has also announced plans to release the final version by the end of 2008.  Microsoft is certainly clawing and scratching their way into HPC.  Will there be room for Microsoft and Tux to play nice in the same industry, or will this be a fight to the death?  Too early to tell.

Read the full release here.